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-Medicaid Stories-

Medicaid makes our stories longer

Who we are

We’re a diverse group of people from all over the state. We are moms, brothers, friends, neighbors.  We want everyone in our community to have access to care.

Why we are

So often, our lives and access are reduced to numbers on a page. We exist to show the actual people whose lives are changed by accessing care. We tell those stories

Why it matters

The life expectancy had record decreases while we face higher infant and mother mortality rates. Our hospitals are closing at unsustainable rates. 

Why now?

It’s time to break the stigma of who uses Medicaid and what it does. It is more important than ever that people have access to care.

I learned skills to be independent

JD  was living with his parents with very few options to thrive. Read his story of how he was able to learn skills, find friends, and eventually meet his goal of getting a job because of Medicaid

Saved our family

Jamie’s quick thinking saved both her and her child’s life.  Medicaid allowed her to move quickly without second guessing the cost. 


Kaye was wheelchair-bound for years, but was  able to walk again because of physical therapy funded by  Medicaid 

I was able to have a safe pregnancy. and not go bankrupt.

Jessica explains how she was able to afford a safe pregnancy in Missouri that she otherwise might not have been able to afford. 


From the Floor: A Nurse's Perspective

Sam explains how Medicaid allows her rural patients to get access to lifesaving care that they would usually go without.

We have been able to save lives

Karen and Jack are rural pediatricians. They explain how they have been able to provide care to multiple children that would have otherwise gone without the medical attention that they needed. 

Now it's your turn

Our goal is to lift up the vital role Medicaid plays in so many Missourians’ lives, as well as our communities and economies. Add your voice!