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Jessica Olson was a young professional that had recently started her career in mental health. After finding out that the average pregnancy can cost up to $11,000, she was worried about how she might be able to afford the cost of her pregnancy. Thanks to Medicaid for Pregnant Women, Jessica was able to focus on staying healthy and raising her new daughter.

Medicaid has helped people like Jessica- an expectant mother who was struggling to make ends meet. Medicaid allowed her to focus on herself rather than how she would pay for the medical bills related to pregnancy. Medicaid not only covers birth costs but also some of those incurred throughout pregnancy such as prenatal exams, lab tests, ultrasounds, and preventative medication prescriptions. With Medicaid coverage, there are no out-of-pocket expenses or co-pays which can be incredibly burdensome when parents already have many other financial obligations during this time period – often without any form of maternity leave.

Jessica explained, “I was able to keep moving forward during a time that could have really made my life more difficult. Medicaid helped both my daughter and I stay healthy!”