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Joseph McKuin is an independent man. Joseph was born with Down Syndrome and Medicaid allows achieve his goals. It has helped Joseph get a job, learn life skills, and have the independence he deserves. Medicaid gives Joseph the freedom to live life on his terms.

Joseph used to spend his days watching TV, playing video games, and eating chicken nuggets. He decided that it would be best to make a few friends. Medicaid helps cover costs for the community-based day program that Joseph attends. While attending, Joseph: learned life skills that helped him lose weight and get healthy, made friends who participated in the Special Olympics and gained the goal of wanting to get a job.

The staff at his day program helped him learn the skills he needs to work at UOI as a recycling assistant. Medicaid and Medicaid waiver funding helped Joseph attend a job readiness program. It also provided transportation to get him to and from work, as well as assistive technology that will help him stay independent. Medicaid helped pay for the job coach who was assigned to Joseph until he got acclimated to his new job.

Joseph is excited about learning more independent living skills and working toward his goal of being more independent. He says, “It’s really helped my life”